Problems in ACES modules=பயன்பாட்டு பிரச்சனை

Following Solutions were contemplated for the problems discussed relating to ACES
1. Unit Quantity Code for figures like production, clearance, when not available against the given tariff, it will still be accepted by the system for ER5-6. Validation (check & accept typed data) of UQC will be removed, Non-valid UQC entered will be automatically converted at the back-end as per tariff. There will be no R&C for ER5-6.

2. There should be a log of track changes done by each Officer , RSP / AC/DC, in each ER return. Now all the ER reach AC/DC; to avoid this, there will be undertaken manual changes in the statute ; Instead of all the ER going to AC/DC, only returns flagged with RoD, revenue implication, Classification only may be marked to AC.

3. R&C may be provided for service tax returns also.

4. If ST3 is filed for unregistered service, system should not prevent the assessee from filing the ST3 for that service. Instead, the assessee may be warned to get it registered immediately thereafter.

5. Remarks column may be provided for ST-3 also.

6. When error messages are displayed in a different screen during form-filling or R&C, the error message should have a hyperlink to that page, instead of the user going by each page serially.

7. Dealer Return does not show the RC No. column; this may be provided.

8. The date of filing of returns will be the date of upload and acceptance by server only (not the client machine's date or time); "System down" log will be generated and published on site for the RSP to cross check date of filing by the assessee, in case assessee claims earlier/different date of filing under the reasons that "server was down".

9. AC/DC may be enabled to choose the ER for RC from among the list of ER pending ; a filter may be created so that ER may be selected Range-wise, Asse.Name-wise, Month-wise, etc.,

10. Full view (in single page) of Returns may be enabled for RSP also.

11. To avoid R&C necessity by large volume, due to a difference between duty payable and duty paid columns,  the margin of difference will be increased to more than Re.1 for each head.

12. An MIS report may be made available to compare duty payable and duty paid.

13. To avoid disconnection before ER is filed, 30 minutes time may be allowed for filling up the form and a save option may be provided on each page/section.

14. To see the previous month's figures for comparison during R&C , hyperlink to previous return may be provided wherever required and the previous return may be opened in an alternative window for comparison.

15. Unless the first pending return is reviewed, the second return should not be reviewed. The current possibility of choosing any month's return for R&C may be changed.

16. Asse. reverses the credit taken, at the purchase date's RoD, and the system says error :' no such rate' ; this may be eliminated.

17. Where quantity cleared is 0 and the AV is also 0, then R&C should not trigger any error message; if error shown, this will be corrected. Error message will show only when AV=0 and duty payable is not equal to 0.

18. Some notifications are not identified by the system; this is due to wrong input of format; this may be corrected.

19.  No column is provided for showing 'Sales returned' u/r.16.  A drop-down box may be provided along with other options like other exports, IUT, etc. for choosing.

20. "Cross utilization wrong" error is seen while filling duty paid column; this is due to non-permissibility of SAD utilization against Cenvat.

21. Cenvat Credit Abstract Column/block: Details of credits utilized is not matching with abstract. particularly, misc. payment. Col.5D should match with 6.1, 6.3. Credit reversed against "as such " removal is not taken as revenue for assessee-wise. but BHS covers it as revenue. Existing structure may continue until this is clarified by the CBEC.

22. Many notifications are shown against the clearance row now; this should be changed in such a way that each notification is shown in a separate row.

23. System should throw caution to assessees to use the latest version of offline ER download only, since new validations are not available in the old downloaded format.

24. When debit in PLA is met from O/B of credit, then system should not ask for challan No. or error message should not be displayed otherwise. Challan details are to be captured at block 6 and at the end of the block 9.

25. W.r.t. exemption given by way of refund to NE/J&K, LTU-IUT, etc., or suo-moto credit of PLA balance transfer, no provision is available in PLA abstract Block & of Return. Hence a separate field may be provided in PLA abstract Block 4 for this purpose. Provision to enter details of source document like TR6 may be provided. All such source documents may be marked for R&C by RSP till necessary changes are done in the Refund module.

26. ST3: Add row feature may be provided in the taxable value section of  ST3.  System should allow to enter taxable rate upto 4 decimals.

27. No provision for showing clearances made for inter unit transfer. because of this the assessees is forced to show such removals in an circumventing way.

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  1. If asse. does not choose 'other payments' row and fails to add a row to show this payment, can the Range Officer do the corrective work during the R&C ? But such option does not appear in the screen of the RO ? Then the REP module reports does not cover revenue report including this other payment ?


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