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ACES: Some issues resolved for Opplications other than REG.,RET.,

Export and Refund Module

a)The presentation material of this module says that in each and every case(even in case of sanction of refund/rebate claims), an SCN needs to be issued. This is against the statutory law and not feasible. If this is correct, the software needs to be corrected.

DG(Systems), New Delhi is already seized of this matter. [REF]

b)B1 bonds are being filed by Merchant Exporters and accepted by the Assistant Commissioner(Export), Technical Branch, Headquarters. CT1s are being issued from the Technical branch.

Against these bonds, exports are being made through the respective manufacturers from the respective Ranges/Divisions.We would like to know the following:

Whether these B1 bonds can be filed online by Merchant Exporters(after registration with department as Non assessee) ?

If yes, whether AC(Export) can be assigned relevant roles by Hq Com Admin of this Commissionerate for processing and accepting the Bonds

• All the bonds have to be filed manually to AC/DC. However, in addition to manual approval, the Range Superintendent will capture the details of Bond in Export Module by selecting the menu button “General Bond” and forward it to AC/DC for online approval. Once approved by AC/DC and submitted to the workflow of ACES ,only then the assessee can file CT-1.

• In ACES, there is no role for Maritime Commissioner. Hence, there is no question of assigning any role to AC(Exports).

• Assessee can file CT-1 online. In ACES, there is no approval by Departmental Officer for CT-1. [PRA/EXP]

Audit Module

We have not able to start the Audit module as we are not able to enter the Unit allocation order and further details. There is no user manual or presentation material on the Audit module.

The Audit Module has been rolled out. The user manual of audit module is sent as attachment via mail. [AUD]


a)There is no role for Superintendents working at Divisions and Headquarters(except the Superintent of Review Cell).

The issue will be taken up with Headquarters, Delhi.[ACL]

b)There is no role for any Inspector working in the Commissionerate.[ACL]

The matter has already taken up with the Board.

c)The citrix server still hangs up a lot of times. As soon as we click on some internal application, a blank screen appears and it shows page load error. The Icegate e-mail ID also does not open in an easy fashion. It asks for ‘add exception’, ‘security certificate’ ‘security confirmation’, ‘Allow/Deny internal security’ a multiple times and everytime you enter Icegate. The e-mail does not function in the Full mode as files are not being attached in this mode. These issues have been taken up with Citrix helpline but we still are adding the security exceptions and security confirmations. The Citrix has also asked us to work on the Lite mode for attachment of files.

The issue pertains to SI team. Hence the same may be referred to ADG(Systems), New Delhi, IT Consolidation Project. [ACL]

d)An Officer who has been given SSO ID can login with the same SSO ID from different thin client. No message is prompted in any of the thin clients that there are two logins made with the same SSO ID. This could have serious security implications. The Citrix helpline has informed us that in ACES, we could log a number of times with the same SSO ID at the same time while in ICES(Customs), only one person can log in one thin client at a time.

At a time only one officer can login with the same SSO ID. Though the system does not prompt when there are two logins with the same SSO ID, it will not allow both of them to proceed with the work. If at any time, if the system allows to login with the same SSO ID from more than one system at the same time, screen shots may be provided for taking necessary action. [ACL]

e)Nobody lifts the telephone for days together or the lines are constantly clogged in the ACES helpline. E-mail sent to ACES service desk are acknowledged but the solution either does not come or comes after a very long wait. Till that time, the date of filing of return is over. The single helpline at Chennai caters to a very large number of assessees. We would need either more helplines or more number of telephone lines for providing help. Further, even if we are able to talk with the person at the helpline number, most problems are transferred to the application team and no direct help is forthcoming from the helpline person. The helpline person could also trained to solve basic problems. The application team takes a very long time to provide appropriate solutions. The processing time has to be very quick so that problems in filing returns could be solved within the 10 day-15 day period of filing of returns.

Necessary steps are being taken to improve the working of ACES Service Desk.[ACES]

f)There is menu named HELP on the ACES dashboard. Tutorials should be provided in this module for the assistance of departmental users for achieving total success of ACES.

In respect of the details to be provided in the menu ‘Help’ on the dashboard, DG (systems), New Delhi has to take necessary action in consultation with WIPRO. However,a help facility has already been provided on ACES website (http://www.aces.gov.in & http://cbec.gov.in). wherein the guidelines in the form of LMS /User Manual/FAQ’s/ Power Point Presentation on all modules of ACES is available for the User.[ACES]


In case of any mistake in capturing the details of LuT, the systems does not allow to modify any details. In ACES the range supdt. is capturing the details of the LuT on behalf of the assessee and submits.

There is no approval procedure by AC/DC for LuT in ACES.An option to modify LuT is provided only before the submit button/submission. After submission there is no provision to modify the same. However, the suggestion to provide provision for correction of LuT will be taken up for discussion.

Com Administrator

a)In ACL module(Role-Group list), the names of the officers attached with the Role- group/Role should be shown for ease. It would be a good and handy online database and manual keeping of records could be avoided for the Com Administrator.

This point has been taken up with the software vendor while giving requirements in respect of MIS Reports.[ACL]

b)Each module shows a lot of items can be assigned to the departmental users. The Com Admin had assigned ‘view’ under the heads ‘departmental users’ in all the modules of ACES. However, much of the items listed under ‘departmental users’ cannot be seen by the Officer viewing the module. All privileges for assigning ‘view’ for users should be with the local Comm Administrator.

Even now Com Administrator of a Commissionerate can very much go into ACL-Assign/Deassign-Role-Activities and check those activities that need to be given to a user under each module.[ACL]

c)It is opined that all Officers of the Commissionerates who have been provided SSO IDs should be able to atleast ‘view the data base available in ACES’. Working/modification in modules can be assigned to the concerned person while view could be given to all Officers.

Same as point (b) above.[ACL]

d)All Officers(Ministerial staff like DOS, Sr TA’s, TA’s) also need to be provided with SSO IDs and Icegate E-mail ID so that they also know about the day-to-day working and activities of the department through ACES.

Since DOS/Sr.TAs/TAs are not part of the workflow in ACES, they are at present not provided with SSO IDs and Password. [ACL]

e)Presently, a joining template is being sent to the SI helpdesk for activating Officers who join from some other Commissionerate. The activation many a times takes long and in the meantime, there is a lot of accumulation of fresh pendency in the dashboard of the Range Superintendent and undue delay. This process could be delegated to the local Comm Administrator. The clogging of such work at the time of General Transfers could be avoided at the SI helpdesk. It would be easier for activation of these Officers by the local Com Administrator.

Same as point (a) above.[ACL]

f)The Com Administrator should be given view access of all pendency of work with any Range/Division. This would help him/her to suitably keep the higher authorities posted about the pendency on a regular basis.

This point is taken up with the software vendor to give this facility to Senior Officers.[ACL]

g)The Com Adminstrator should be able to delete the role group and roles created erroneously so that these do not create confusion or clog/slow the system.

At present, there is only deactivation of Role Groups and users.[ACL]

h)Assigning User – Role Group becomes cumbersome task when the number of role groups exceeds the viewable list. Com Admin has to go through the whole list of the role group to search for a particular Role Group to be assigned. Therefore, there

The point is incomplete. Hence, no comments.[ACL]

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