What's a Mission Mode Project, ACES

Mission Mode Projects

Mission Mode ProjectsNeGP comprises of 27 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) encompassing 9 Central MMPs, 11 State MMPs and 7 Integrated MMPs spanning multiple Ministries/ Departments. "Mission Mode" implies that the objective and the scope of the project are clearly defined, that the project has measurable outcomes and service-levels, and the project has well-defined milestones and timelines for implementation.
MMPs are owned and spearheaded by various Line Ministries concerned for Central, State, and Integrated MMPs. The concerned Ministry/ Department is entirely responsible for all decisions related to their MMPs. However, decisions impacting NeGP as a whole are taken in consultation with DIT. Additionally, wherever required by the concerned Ministries/ Departments, DIT provides necessary support for project formulation and development.
Every State has the flexibility of identifying up to 5 additional State-specific MMPs (relevant for economic development within the State). In cases where Central Assistance is required, such inclusions are considered on the advice of the concerned Line Ministries/ Departments.

Central MMPs State MMPs Integrated MMPs

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