Template for logging a complaint

When logging a complaint call to the Helpdesk or ServiceDesk, use of the following format/template can be useful for the ACES Team to understand the problem :

  1. Officer Name   
  2. SSO-ID   
  3. Problem with: Login/ Dashboard Display/ ACL / CLI/ Audit/ DSR/ Export/ PRA/ REF/ REG / RET / REP (choose the applicable from above items)   
  4. Sub-menu of the Program [of S No. 3]   
  5. Name of the Screen or Workflow (Screen Name) [of S No. 4]   
  6. Table or Portion Name  (Which part of the page) [of S No. 5]   
  7. Part of the Function (Button Name) [of S No.6]   
  8. Error Message Displayed [after last click action]   
  9. What you wanted to do / cannot do ?   
  10. Remarks in Detail
  11. Attach Screenshot of the last/troubled screen (by pressing the 'PrtScn' button and saving the resulting window of picture; you can take it out and save it to a pen-drive and thereafter attach that page to this complaint form)



Pl send your response to saran@excisegst.com