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I find that the usage of various sub-modules under the main modules, their usage has not been indicated at any place. Similarly, the details of entries required in Returns modules have not been explained. I find that particularly the way the entries of payment in cash to be entered have not been properly detailed any where and the validations for checking double entry of challans though created in software has not been notified for usage by the departmental officers. I have understood from one of the participant in the development of ACES that payment challans will be ticked once the challan is cited in the last page of return. Therefore, there needs to be specific tutorial for departmental offices as well as Trade. This matter needs urgent attention.
Murthy R.N., Com-Adm. Hyd-I

Template for logging a complaint

When logging a complaint call to the Helpdesk or ServiceDesk, use of the following format/template can be useful for the ACES Team to understand the problem :

  1. Officer Name   
  2. SSO-ID   
  3. Problem with: Login/ Dashboard Display/ ACL / CLI/ Audit/ DSR/ Export/ PRA/ REF/ REG / RET / REP (choose the applicable from above items)   
  4. Sub-menu of the Program [of S No. 3]   
  5. Name of the Screen or Workflow (Screen Name) [of S No. 4]   
  6. Table or Portion Name  (Which part of the page) [of S No. 5]   
  7. Part of the Function (Button Name) [of S No.6]   
  8. Error Message Displayed [after last click action]   
  9. What you wanted to do / cannot do ?   
  10. Remarks in Detail
  11. Attach Screenshot of the last/troubled screen (by pressing the 'PrtScn' button and saving the resulting window of picture; you can take it out and save it to a pen-drive and thereafter attach that page to this complaint form)


Certified Facilitation Centres under ACES Project of the CBEC

ACES CFC (Certified Facilitation Centre) organized by
A CFC for ACES e-filing is a facility, other than the Physical Front Offices
or Facilitation Centres set-up by the Directorate General of Systems(Customs
& Central Excise), to be set-up and operated by an appropriately qualified
private individual, firm or body corporate under the ACES e-Governance
Programme, from where the actual electronic filing of documents by companies
may be enabled along with associated facilitation. 
FAQ on setting up the CFC  & 
MOU between CBEC and ICWA / ICAISave

Certified Facilitation Centres under ACES Project of the CBEC - (11-10-2010)

CBEC is now ready with the modules for processing applications for CFC. Issuance of password and usernames will commence after the new Application Forms are filed on-line.
Chartered Accountants in practice for one year or more may set up a Certified Facilitation Centre (CFC) for providing facilities to central excise and service tax assessees to file returns and other documents electronically under Automation of Central Excise and Service Tax (ACES) Project of the CBEC.
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is pleased to announce signing of Memorandum of Understanding with the Central Board of Excise and Customs, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India to facilitate setting up of Certified Facilitation Centres (CFCs) under ACES Project by Chartered Accountants in practice.
Any member desirous of operating a CFC in his name is required to make an application to the ICAI together with the requisite information, whereupon the CBEC will issue a user name and password to the member. Thereafter, the ICAI will issue a Certificate to the member to operate Facilitation Centre under ACES Project of the CBEC. On the basis of the user name and password issued by the CBEC, the CFC will be able to upload returns and other documents for central excise and service tax assessees.

The names of the CFCs along with their contact details as provided by the CFCs will be put up on the website of the ICAI and the CBEC. The eligibility criteria, fee schedule and obligations of CFCs are set out in the Memorandum of Understanding, Supplementary Memorandum of Understanding and in the FAQs on the subject.

Please click here for Application Form for CFC under ACES Project
Please click here for Memorandum of Understanding
Please click here for Supplementary Memorandum of Understanding
Please click here for FAQs