Registration Issues


The assessee has an acknowledgement of the registration being sent online to a particular Commissionerate/Division/Range. However, in some of the cases, those Units do not appear on the online dashboard of the concerned Assistant Commissioner. This is despite the fact that the Commissionerate/Division/Range is entered correctly. It has also been tested that they do not appear on the dashboards of any of the Divisional Assistant Commissioners of this Commissionerate.

In the instant case, though CDR entered by the Assessee is correct, Role of that jurisdiction might have not been assigned to that Jurisdiction AC/DC. Hence, the Application might be pending with Task Administrator. Once role jurisdiction of that Division is assigned to AC/DC, the Application will automatically appear on the dash board of that particular AC/DC. [REGISTRATION]

There was a case where the registration was assigned to a wrong Range Superintendent. There is no provision to re assign/rectify the mistake.

The issue is not clear. However, assuming that AC/DC has assigned the Registration to a wrong range for PV(Physical Verification), there is no provision in ACES to rectify it. However, he may instruct manually the respective Superintendent to do the verification. In the remarks column, the same may be mentioned. [REGISTRATION]

In one case, a fresh registration is being shown in ‘Revoke Registration’. We are not able to transfer the same for issuing the registration or accepting the post verification report.

The specific issue may be escalated to Service Desk by logging a ticket.[REG]

The assessee has an acknowledgement of the registration being sent online to a particular Commissionerate/Division/Range. The Commissionerate is entered correctly but when the Division/Range is not entered correctly, the application of the Unit does not appear on the dashboard of any AC and gets lost.

While filing the Registration Application, once the assessee selects a Commissionerate, only the divisions under that Commissionerate will appear in the Division column. Hence, the assessee should have selected one of the Divisions of that Commissionerate wrongly and the Application should have gone to AC/DC of that Division and that application will appear on the dashboard of AC/DC of that Division . AC/DC of that Division can redirect it to the correct Division by clicking “reassign” button provided in ACES at the end of the Registration Application of the Registration Module. [REG]

h) There was a case when the print command was given and the print copy did not come out. In the meantime, the registration was submitted and assigned to the concerned Range Superintendent. Subsequently, we could not take out a printout of the registration. It is also seen that if the registration form is submitted first and assigned to a particular Range Superintendent, we are not able to print the registration certificate.

There is a print option provided now in ACES under sub menu “view” in Main Menu “Registration”. To view the Application/RC of any of the assessee under his (Departmental Officer) jurisdiction and at any point of time the AC/DC can take a print out.

It is also not clear in which cases a fresh registration certificate needs to be generated when original registration needs to be amended. We may be given the specific type of cases (PAN number changed or Address of the premises changed) where fresh registration certificate is to be generated post amendment.

The systems is designed as per the Rules/statutes. Hence,the C.Ex. Manual may be referred for the relevant scenarios in which an RC is to be generated.[REG]

Deletion of records

We had sent the list of Units for deletion from ACES as they had been wrongly migrated from SACER. Till today, they have not been removed. Every Range’s Unit shown is inflated and it does not give the correct picture of assesses registered in the Commissionerate.

The matter has already been taken up with software vendor “WIPRO” [REG]

Only authorized person's e-mail id should be entered in the ACES asse.'s status. Digital Sign.Certification is to be undertaken early.

Treatment of Importer as first stage dealer ? To be checked with cbec.

30. Re-assignment of an application for RC by a RSP to another jurisdiction, without concurrence of AC may not be allowed.

31. A registration of warehouse is wrongly done as of a manufacturer by assigning code as PAN+EM+XXX;  this is to be changed as ED or otherwise.

32. Situations under which form A1/ST1 may be rejected by DO/RO that can be brought under law may be mooted.

33. Form A1 : Dealer Registration: Asse. may be asked to provide purchase items as major inputs in the form. Col.15 or its validation may be removed for dealers.

34. ST1 : When PAN is not available for applicants, instead TAN is there, then the validity of TAN needs to be taken up by system; instead of temp based, TAN based allotment may be contemplated by the CBEC. Suggestions for issue of PAN to TAN holders may also be taken up with CBEC.

35. ST2 is deemed to have been issued if not considered within 7 days. When Regn. is applied for, but Asse. does not file required documents on time, how it is treated ? If Asse. does not file docs within 7 days, the application can be rejected and a message may be triggered to appear in Asse. screen on warning reg. 7 days time. After this he can file fresh. Alternatively, till then, the first application can be deactivated or kept under suspended animation.

36. Name of the applicant as appearing in PAN (form ST1 para 2c) should not be editable against PAN nomenclature at the time filling in of form. To be referred to CBEC.

37. Application for surrender: No facility to re-assign the same to any one else; at least com-admin may be created facility.

38. Assessee may also be permitted to withdraw wrongly filed application, before generation of RC.

39. When acknowledgment is issued after successful filing of RC application, it need not contain the PAN+EM format, instead a quotable reference no. may be created;

40. With already one amendment pending acceptance by AC or RSP, further filing of another amendment application should be restrained ? being considered.

41. Instead of showing all the assesees, search criteria should be built up on parameters like company name, place, etc.,

All communications sent from any module should bear the concerned asse.'s ECC No., and C-D-R, so that multiple units using the same e-mail id for all units understand the message for which it was meant.

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