WAN, LAN Connectivity Issues

Supdt. Chennai-III Comm.  has shared this message on troubleshooting of connectivity issues with WAN or LAN:

Sub:  Trouble shooting  connectivity of Thin clients - reg

    Connectivity of Thin clients is a major issue and the following steps are suggested
   for the field officers so that the issue can be identified and the complaint can be
    filed with the correct person with proper explanation of the problem.  This trouble shooting   will also
   help in identifying whether   the problem is in LAN-WAN connectivity or with ACES application.
  (This trouble shooting is developed in consultation with Sri.Subramaniam, Inspr, DGS, Chennai and REs of HP) 
   Checking of connectivity  may be done   as per the following sequence.

   1. a) Click the icon in the bottom right hand corner in the screen of the thin client which displays  wired network connection
       b) Choose 'Connection information'
          This will display information on connections.
       c) Out of the details displayed,   the following may be noted down
                                                   IP address  (address of the thin client)
                                                   Default Route (addrss of the Router in the Building)
     2.     a)  Please click 'Computer'  from start menu.
             b)  Choose 'more applications'
             c)  Click XTERM under the category 'SYSTEM'
             d)  A box will appear with the prompt 'cbecuser@localhost:/read-write/home/cbecuser>'
             e) Type in ' ping ' followed by space and then type the IP address noted down   earlier.
                  If the message '64 bytes from ......' appears continuously then
                       there is connectivity between  Thin client and Router 

                    Type in 'ping' followed by space and then type the address given as
                    'Default       Route'      which was noted down earlier. If the message
'64 bytes from ......' appears    continuously  then  there is connectivity between
                      Router and WAN point 
                   Type in 'ping' followed by space and then type the address for WAN POINT .
                      The WAN point address for the Divisions are as follows:
                                                  Ranipet :
                                       Hosur I Division :
                                       Vellore Division :  
                             (Tambaram Divisions and Hosur II Division may obtain it from M/s BSNL or 
                               from WAN Installation reports)

                      If the message  '64 bytes from ......' appears continuously then there
                        is connectivy between    the building's WAN and BSNL .

                 If the first two checks are not OK then the complaint can be filed with HP.       
                 If the WAN point check is not OK then BSNL can be called up through the 
Toll free no. 1800 425 2232 / (08.00 Hrs. to 20.00 Hrs.)
                Please also use the numbers in the file attached herewith for the above.

        3)  If all the checks at para 2 were done and found  Ok but the Home Page
             for ACES  (where login id/sso id is used) doesn not appear, then the
                 issue is Citrix Server issue    and   a mail can be sent to
               'si.helpdesk@icegate.gov.in' or  they can be called thru '1800 266 2232'
       4) If the ACES homepage appears but the application does not open
             then there is problem with   ACES application. In this regard  the
              complaint can be filed with ACES service desk  through the 'service desk module'
             in the home page.

        5) For the stand alone Ranges the IP address pinging alone need be checked.

     It is requested that the above steps may be informed to the ranges also
     for trouble shooting the connectivity issue.  


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