Aces: Refund

Module Name Problem / Issue Reported SOLUTION No.
REFUND  15.Issue :  Refund order could not be generated even for full sanction of Refund. The error displayed by the system is insufficient balance in Assessees’ Deposit Account.  1071
REFUND DGS Comments: Specific instances should be brought to the notice of ACES service desk through email with details.   1071
REFUND 10.  While REFUND scrutiny report is to be sent by the RO, with an attachment to the AC, system does not accept document in OpenOffice format .odt, only MSDoc is accepted. Many users are not aware of this. When OpenOffice is integrated as the default text document in the ACES, it is found not accepted as an attachment. 1092
REFUND DGS Comments: The issue will be taken up with WIPRO. 1092
REFUND 11.  When a REFUND claim posted online by assessee is without proof of documents and if the same are not received physically within a reasonable time, for the same purpose the claim could not be returned as incomplete by the AC or the RO; there are no suitable menus/options in the claim doc or scrutiny doc to return the claim as incomplete; the button ‘send back’ refers to shuttling between RO and AC only. What amount of time can be reckoned as ‘reasonable time’ in such cases ? 1093
REFUND DGS Comments: The ‘reasonable time’ can be the same as in manual refund claims, after which the refund can be rejected. Letters have to be issued manually/by email calling for supporting documents. 1093
REFUND 12.  In one refund claim, assessee posted wrongly the Notifn. No and Date against the refund document no. and date and consequently the system marked it as time-barred; it is not known how to go further. 1094
REFUND DGS Comments: As this refund claim cannot be processed further, the Assessee may be asked to file a fresh refund claim.   1094
REFUND 13.  It is learnt that in the cases of sanction of refund/rebate claims, an SCN needs to be issued even when it is to be sanctioned. There are 103 claims in our list. Whether PH needs to be granted even if the amount is to be sanctioned? 1095
REFUND DGS Comments: Issue of PH Memo and PH recording are prerequisites in ACES for issuing Refund Orders, as of now. The issue will be taken up when DSR module is reviewed. 1095
REFUND 14.  In the case of refundable amount being more than 5 lakhs, the case needs to be pre-audited in ACES. How the workflow will have to be assigned and who all should be included ? 1096
REFUND DGS Comments: Refund cases where refund amount is 5 lakhs or above, should be sent to pre-audit before passing the Refund order. There should be one SP Audit Refund and one AC/DC Audit Refund created by Com-admin who will be in the workflow. 1096
REFUND 15.  A few assessees faced the problem of inability to save the document (Rebate Claim) due to non-acceptance of ARE1 NO whereas the same was accepted with Invoice NO. (Range II-A)  1097
REFUND DGS Comments : Issue already taken up with Wipro. Specific instances may be brought to the notice of DGS. 1097

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