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Module Name Problem / Issue Reported SOLUTION No.
REG 2.       Issue:Not able to recall the  A1 application submitted by the assessee for registration , by the Issuing Authority for correction/reviewing and reprint or for transfer. 1002
REG   DGS Comments: The option for taking printout of A1 application at any point of time has been made available. 1002
REG (i)                 In the case of Registration / Amend Registration application, divisional officer has only option to approve the application.  In the case of incorrect applications the divisional officer is not able to approve and such applications are shown as pending.  Hence, a new option to Reject/Resend the application may be considered for insertion. 1019
REG DGS Comments: Suggestion already under examination. Already Considered during the suggestion committee meeting in New Delhi in July 2010. 1019
REG (ii)               Reassigning the CDR details in the registration application right now rest with registration authority (DC/AC).  This function can also be made available to Com (Admn) of the Commissionerate for reassigning the Range jurisdiction and smooth functioning of ACES. 1020
REG DGS Comments: It is felt that granting this privilege to Com-Admin will only add to the confusion. The application for Registration is a document addressed to AC/DC of the Division (Central Excise) or to the Range officer (Service Tax).  The option to re-assign the application is correctly given to the first person who receives the application. 1020
REG 6.   While uploading the data for registration/filing of the returns, there is no saving provision which forces the user to feed the data once again 1048
REG DGS Comments: Saving and resuming facility is available for Excise Returns. For Registration, the same facility will be recommended to be done by Wipro. 1048
REG 11.   A new registrant should be able to know the location of the Division/Range by once the place of the factory location is entered. 1053
REG DGS Comments: Proposal to capture the trade notices regarding jurisdiction into ACES  is under process of development. 1053
REG 1.                  Issue:  Unable to view Registration Certificate (RC) by departmental officers.  1057
REG   Suggestion: Suitable modification is required in the application so as to enable departmental officers to view the RC generated. 1057
REG    DGS Comments: The option for taking printout of A1 application at any point of time has been made available.  1057
REG 2.      Issue : When a surrender of registration is accepted by the department, the taxpayer receives an email without mentioning of the Registration No. for which surrender is accepted. 1058
REG   Suggestion:  The email should also contain the Registration no.  1058
REG DGS Comments : Suggestion will be examined by the DGS, Delhi and taken up with WIPRO. 1058
REG 22. Issue: Offline Utility for CENTRALIZED Registration in Service Tax may be provided. This will help the taxpayers to fill in the different premises information and then upload.  1078
REG DGS Comments: Suggestion is already with WIPRO. They are in the in process of developing. 1078
REG 1.                  There are occasions like the Regn. No. is not found in ACES but found posted in NSDL site and its reverse case also. It is required to be known whether any units given in the Inactive List comprising units which are currently not active by furnishing any nil return but has a certain possibility of revival and demanding its original number, has been deleted from ACES. The Commissionerate sent three categories of assessees, viz. Active, Inactive and Defunct. Units marked as defunct were required to be deleted from ACES. 1083
REG  DGS Comments: (i)Regn No Not found in ACES but found posted in NSDL – Issue may be due to any migration issues (SERMON to ACES) and needs to be escalated to Wipro through Service Desk. (ii) Regn No found in ACES but not in NSDL – This is again due to the data transmission issue (ACES to NSDL). It is also possible that the assesses are claiming that their code is not available in NSDL as soon as they file the Registration Application and get a manual copy of registration signed by the Range SP or AC/DC as the case may be. It may be noted that only after the online issuance of RC by the Department, the record will be transmitted to NSDL.  Assessees, Department officers should be educated on this, which will reduce the no of complaints at Service Desk.  1083
REG 3.                  In Service Tax, there are more than 6000 registrations migrated from SAPS. Out of this nearly 50% of them are defunct and assessees could not be contacted due to remote location. Even the remaining 50% also could be contacted only once in six months at the time of filing ST3 returns. Limiting the defunct entries or registering them as users in the working units is found to be a big task. Is any outsourcing the work of registration is possible ? 1085
REG DGS Comments: The list of assesses who require to be marked as ‘Defunct’ may be identified and sent to this office through proper channel (through the Commissioner) for deletion in ACES. With reference to outsourcing of the work of Registration, you are requested to forward your suggestions with detailed proposal to the DG, Systems Hqrs, Delhi. 1085
REG 4.                  Even after issue of the RBI instruction to capture the challans for payment (Easiest) when the ECC code is available in NSDL master, many of the banks reject the payment for want of ECC code in their master. (Eg. Hipro Ceramics of Range IIE) 1086
REG DGS Comments: Specific cases of non-compliance by banks may be brought to the notice of DGS,Chennai through email to easiest-cbec@nic.in. The details that are required to escalate the complaint to the Banks’ HO are ‘Assessee Code’ , ‘Bank &  Branch Details’ .  But before escalating such instances, please make sure that the code is available in NSDL site. 1086
REG 9.      Frequently, user names of officers are vanishing from the Commissionerate’s activated and un-activated name list and the user is not able to view his profile, though the Comm-Admin could see the user’s pending items through the ‘Task-Admin’ menu’s ‘Re-Assign’ menu. It takes more than a week to restore the position through the SI Helpdesk. 1091
REG DGS Comments : Specific instances may be brought to the notice of Service Desk /SI help desk who in turn will take it up with the SI team. 1091
REG 5. M/s Sundaram Medical Foundation, AACTS1335ASE001 have registered themselves as Non-Assessee with LTU, Chennai. Actually,               they should have registered themselves as service provider with Service Tax Commissionerate.  Now, the system is not allowing M/s Sundaram Medical Foundation to file ST-1 application with Service Tax Commissionerate. The system is forcing them to select LTU as the Commissionerate even after registering the system with another new user name. 1112
REG DGS Comments: This issue is to be raised through Service Desk Ticket. Presently this is solved on a case-to-case basis.  Permanent solution has already been proposed to Hqrs. Office. 1112

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