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Module Name Problem / Issue Reported SOLUTION No.
REPORT (iii)              In the Reports Module, there is no option to generate report on production-clearance/ value of clearances of any assessee or under one specific chapter head.  At present, only details of top ten commodities based on All India index is available.  As a result details of top commodities in a range/division/commissionerate cannot be generated in ACES.  Thus, the data entered in the ACES is not available for any statistical and revenue analysis.  Even a basic report as to whether a commodity of specific chapter head is being manufactured in the Commissionerate or not cannot be generated from the report module. Similarly report on Cenvat credit availed/utilized, duty foregone due to clearance to SEZ, EOU, Export etc., which could be retrieved from SERMON package earlier, cannot be retrieved from ACES package now.  These reports help in analyzing the reasons for shortfall/increase in revenue.  Because of non-availability of above data for analysis, the field has to depend on assessee for furnishing the reasons for the analysis. 1021
REPORT DGS Comments: This suggestion is  already been taken up with DG Systems, New Delhi to provide the raw data (all important fields of the return) in Excel sheet so that customized reports can be generated at local level. 1021
REPORT (vi)             The data furnished in the Report module is not consistent. For eg. if the number of assesses is queried, the data in each report varies whereas it should be the same in all the reports. 1024
REPORT DGS Commetns: Specific instances/reports may be brought to the notice of DG Systems. 1024
REPORT 17). Issue:  Report to DGOV. Commodity wise (cethwise) goods sold (clearance), with UOM, goods description, value and weighted average. This report is being sent monthly by all commissionerates including LTUs. However this report is not available in the current Report Module and hence it is not possible to generate the same.  1073
REPORT Suggestion: This report may be developed and made available under REP module.  1073
REPORT DGS Comments: Suggestion Accepted. This will be taken up with WIPRO after examination. 1073
REPORT 18).  Issue:  Inaccurate basis of computation for light and heavy commercial vehicles in Trends of Production and Clearance of Major Commodities .  1074
REPORT  Name of the report :             Trends of Production and Clearance of Major Commodities  1074
REPORT  In LTU Chennai two taxpayers namely Ashok Leyland and Caterpillar(with multiple Registration nos) manufacture vehicles that would be termed as Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles. The above report in respect of these two taxpayers has been generated through ACES application for the period upto May, 2010. The same report has also been manually prepared for the same period. The difference noticed in ACES with the manually compliled report from the ER returns is as follows:  1074
REPORT  Commodity Production shown in ACES report
Production as per Excise returns filed in ACES 461
REPORT upto may 2010 ( manually compiled) 20468 1074
REPORT  Light & Heavy commercial vehicles  1074
REPORT The following CETSHs would fall under the category classified as LHV.  1074
REPORT > 1.       87021011 to 87029099  1074
REPORT > 2.       87041010 to 87059000 and  1074
REPORT > 3.       87060011 to 87060050  1074
REPORT However, it appears that the said report in ACES report module has not included all of these CETHs and hence the difference. It is therefore suggested that the said report may be amended so as to include these CETHs .  1074
REPORT DGS Comments: The issue will be taken up with Wipro after getting concurrence from Directorate of Data Management. 1074
REPORT 19). Issue : Data Requirement in a detailed format (for the purpose of local reporting and analysis). 1075
REPORT As per Video conference on 4th June 2010 with ADG (Systems), New Delhi and also discussions with COM Admins on 13th and 14th June 2010, the desired format in excel was provided.  The data is yet to be made available. 1075
REPORT DGS Comments: The issue will be taken up with Wipro on TOP Priority 1075
REPORT 25. In the REPort Module it is required to have a report namely half-yearly return report,(unlike Monthly return report in Excise), listing the taxpayers who filed the ST-3 Returns for a particular half-year along with the payments made. 1081
REPORT 26. The report module in Service Tax is not fully functional as a result NO statutory reports can be generated.  1082
REPORT DGS Comments: Suggestion Accepted. This will be taken up with WIPRO after examination. 1082
REPORT 23.  Our Commissionerate has sent all the .dmp files relating to revenue tables for all the years from 2002 to 2010(March). Are these revenue reports not migrated to the ACES ? If not, then how the old data be retrieved even if such data is available in the Commissionerate Server, without the skilled officer’s assistance for SQL generation ? 1105
REPORT DGS Comments: The ER data from SERMON have already been sent to ACES for migration. Individual commissionerates have acknowledged the availability of data in ACES for the past periods.  Please inform if your past data is not migrated in ACES. The issue will be taken up with Wipro. 1105

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