Aces: Returns

Module Name Problem / Issue Reported SOLUTION No.
RETURN 1.      Issue:Log in system cannot be used for long duration when more number of invoices have to be entered since the log outs takes place within a short period. 1001
RETURN DGS Comments:  The assessees can be encouraged to use offline utilities since  there is no session time out.  1001
RETURN 3.       Issue:The  performance of the server is very slow  and not able to view the ER returns without hurdles especially during the  first fortnight by the Range Officer. 1003
RETURN DGS Comments: Complaints may be lodged with SI help desk. 1003
RETURN 6.Issue:There are no specific columns for furnishing the as such clearances of inputs, goods sent for job work (in cases where assessable value is NIL), the details of captively consumed goods etc.  Error messages are shown while feeding these details.  When the returns were given manually, these details were easily mentioned in the returns. 1006
RETURN DGS Comments: As per ER proforma prescribed by the Board, there is no column to  capture ‘As Such Removal’ and ‘Job Work Clearance’.  The application is built on the  same lines. For captive consumption, the assessees may be advised to enter the relevant  notification no. (like ’67/1995’). 1006
RETURN 7.Issue:The existing rate of duty (@ 10%) has not been updated in the software. 1007
RETURN DGS Comments: Tariff rate of duty is 16% only whereas 10% rate of duty is by virtue of notification issued during last budget. The effective rate has been updated in the notification master. Hence, the assessee may be asked to quote the relevant principal notification number/serial no in the proper format. 1007
RETURN 8.Issue:The Opening Balance of CENVAT credit taken and utilized has not been automatically updated in the return filed for the next month and error messages for mis-match of OB & CB are shown every month. 1008
RETURN DGS Comments: Assessee has to enter OB as return is a self assessed document, and system shall prompt him to enter values. Regarding mismatch in OB/CB, it is advised that the R&C of the all pending returns to be completed to avoid such errors in future returns. 1008
RETURN 9.Issue: While feeding the data online, the return could not be completed without indicating the Notification Number (tariff & Non-tariff) and a permanent error message is shown for the Notification Number entered. 1009
RETURN 10.Issue:There are no proper guidelines/usage manual available (be in hard or soft copy) for filing the returns. 1010
RETURN DGS Comments : I) E-Filing circular has been issued by Board.  1010
RETURN (i)                  Instructions are given in the opening sheet of the downloaded offline excel  utility. 1010
RETURN (iii)              FAQ is available in ACES website. 1010
RETURN 11.Issue:Problems faced by the officers (with regard to manufacturers): 1011
RETURN 1. While reviewing the ER-1s filed online, the system generates few errors uniformly in all cases.  The errors shown are viz. (i) the rate of duty adopted does not exist in the database, (ii) the notification does not exist in the data base, (iii) there are calculation errors in duty payable amount, the OB and CB does not match etc.  However, on verification, it is noticed that these errors are not made by the assessee.   1011
RETURN DGS Comments: Please refer to reply to Points 7,8 and 9 also regarding this. Specific instances for each return should be brought to the notice of ACES service desk through “Service Desk” icon available in thin client.   1011
RETURN 2.Each error has been assigned with an error code and if the basis on which the system generates the errors has been made available, they can be corrected accordingly.  1011
RETURN DGS Comments:  Error Codes alongwith descriptions  are displayed during the process. They are self explanatory.  1011
RETURN 2.There is no facility for online uploading the data available with them in Excel format or in Tally format.  They have informed that there is no copy and paste facility also, as available in Tamilnadu VAT e-returns, which will reduce the labour of entering the data repeatedly in the downloaded XML file.  It is stated that each entry has to be typed by adding a row repeatedly and each sheet has to be validated. 1013
RETURN DGS Comments: Suggestion will be examined by the DGS, Delhi and taken up with WIPRO. When the dealer has a customized software like Tally, they can use XSD Schema facility available now. 1013
RETURN 3.while using XML Schema file, each entry (Purchase/sales invoice details) has been saved in a sheet and if there are 300 entries, 300 sheets have to be opened.  This is a cumbersome process. 1014
RETURN DGS Comments : This problem has already been reported by many Commissionerates. Will be taken up with Wipro. 1014
RETURN 4.After the file is uploaded, the system informs that the return can be viewed after a business day.  However, even after a week, the return could not be viewed online and the status of the return filed could not be ascertained.  1015
RETURN DGS Comments: Specific instances for each return should be brought to the notice of ACES service desk through email with details.   1015
RETURN (C) Officers 1016
RETURN 1.With regard to dealers return, the officers are unaware of their online filed status or otherwise, as the dashboard is not provided with these details.  The dealers’ return filed online may be displayed on the dash board atleast to confirm that the dealer has filed the return online. 1016
RETURN DGS Comments: To view the returns one can use the following navigation path. 1016
RETURN 3.   There are few ranges containing more than 100 -150 registered dealers and the returns filed online can be opened in ACES by feeding their ECC No. only.  This method found to be tedious and opening the return on the basis of the name of the dealer has to be incorporated in the software.    1018
RETURN DGS Comments: Suggestion will be examined by the DGS, Delhi and taken up with WIPRO. 1018
RETURN (iv)             Some of the assessees have filed both returns i.e.ER.1 return and Dealer Return under single login id.  Right now assessees with manufacturing registration have the access to file monthly returns for manufacturer as well as Dealer.  This has to be restricted to the users based on the login id / Registration number.  1022
RETURN DGS Comments: Suggestion is accepted. The same will be taken up with Wipro after examination. 1022
RETURN (vii)           The Range Officers are not able to make much progress in Review and Correction in the Return Module as 1025
RETURN DGS Comments: a)&b) Notification Master is upto date. The assesses may be advised to enter the principal notification no and slno in the correct format.  1025
RETURN c)OB is validated with last month’s CB. During the first return filed in ACES, the system will throw an error as there are no returns for the previous month and the return will be marked for R&C. If R & C is done by the Superintendent and the same is approved by AC/DC, then this error will not be shown for the subsequent months unless there is an actual difference between the OB and last month’s CB.  If R & C is not done and approved for the first return, then all the subsequent returns will be marked for R&C even if the OB matches with the previous month’s CB. The ROs and AC/DCs may be advised to complete the R&C in time. 1025
RETURN a)     Notification nos. (Tariff/Non Tariff) not updated with the data base 1026
RETURN b)     Rate of duty not updated, hence always showing duty calculation error 1027
RETURN c)     Even for NIL returns, the OB/CB showing as “Not tallying” 1028
RETURN d)     GAR 7 Challan – source document even if it is correct, it shows wrong 1029
RETURN e)     Unit of measurement is always wrong.  For eg. Chairs, Bus Duct, Valves etc. are accepted only if it is shown in Kgs. 1030
RETURN (viii)          In case, any assessee has fed wrong figures while filing the returns in respect of value and production, such figures cannot be amended by the Range Officer at the time of review and correction and therefore provision may be made in the system so that these figures can be corrected. 1031
RETURN DGS Comments: RO to select from returns marked for Review and commence R & C process.  All the fields entered by the assessee in return are editable fields during R & C. RO can very well amend these details during the R&C process, after intimating the assessee and getting concurrence from him.  1031
RETURN (ix)             The assessee may be given an option to file revised returns, in case wrong figures have been furnished inadvertently in the original return, after obtaining permission from jurisdictional DC/AC in case of first revision and permission from Commissioner in case of second revision. 1032
RETURN DGS Comments: There is no legal provision for filing the revised return.  The same may be brought to the notice of the Range officer offline(manually), who will make necessary changes during R & C. 1032
RETURN 2.               Under Returns menu of Range officer,  the   menu ‘list of sent back returns’ contains returns which were sent by  Assistant Commissioners seeking clarifications. For these returns, the Range  officer could not take any action  as once the correction/clarification sought  is submitted , the message ‘contact system administrator’ appears.  Though complaint has been logged with help desk    the problem is yet to be rectified. This needs to be addressed immediately. 1036
RETURN DGS Comments: It is requested that a list of all such Tickets that are still open may be forwarded to Directorate of Systems, Chennai for follow-up action. 1036
RETURN 3.               When duty was paid based on the balance available under PLA  the system does not accept.  It calls for source document. The system should accept it based on the balance available under PLA. 1037
RETURN DGS Comments: This issue has been taken up with Change Committee. Till a solution is provided, the assessees may be advised to quote old challan number.  1037
RETURN 4.                Under ER.2 Returns, a separate field may be made available to show payments made as MOT  charges (Merchant over Time Charges). If ‘Others’ category  is chosen  it seeks break up of the payment made as Cenvat/Cess etc., and hence cannot be used. 1038
RETURN DGS Comments: This issue will be taken up with the Board in due course of time as to whether MOT charges should be shown in the return or not.  1038
RETURN 5.               Under ER1 Return, provision is not made to present the specific rate of duty. As a result, for the commodities under specific rate of duty,  the rates are captured as advolorem. 1039
RETURN DGS Comments: There is a provision to enter Specific rate of duty in the ER-1 format.   1039
RETURN 6.                Though Cenvat credit account’s closing  balance of previous month  and the   opening balance of the current  ER1 return tallies  it is always shown  as not tallying. The error message appears even in the returns pertaining to those manufacturers who do not avail the facility of CENVAT credit (Sl.No.5 of ER-1 return).  1040
RETURN DGS Comments: The first return filed through ACES, will always be marked for R&C.  Once the R&C is completed and approved, this error will not appear from the next month onwards.  If the R&C is not completed, the system will throw errors for the subsequent months also. 1040
RETURN 7.                Under the break up of duty paid details columns(Sl.No.4), the ACES application has only three rows (CENVAT, E.CESS & SHE CESS). Some companies are paying duty through  more than 3 challans. Under these circumstances, there is no chance to feed details of the fourth challan, since there is no “ADD” button as it exists for ”Production, clearance column”, “challan details column” etc. 1041
RETURN DGS Comments: Under the break up of duty paid details columns (Sl.No.4), if duty is paid through Account current, it is enough to show the details of any one challan.  The details of all the challans should be shown in the ‘challan details’ block (Sl.No.10)where ‘ADD’ rows facility is given. 1041
RETURN 2.    The software enables the assessee to file the return in ACES despite showing numerous errors like duty amount not tallied and opening balance not tallied. All the errors have to be subsequently corrected at R.O.’s end. 1044
RETURN DGS Comments: It is a conscious decision taken by the Board to allow   filing of returns of assessee in spite of some errors, as it is only a self-assessment. It is the responsibility of the officer performing scrutiny to take corrective action. Meanwhile, assessees also may be educated gradually to pay attention to the Error Messages displayed at the time of Data entry and to re-check their return/correct themselves before final filing. 1044
RETURN 3.    After making necessary corrections in the return by the Range Officer, the assessee do not receive the revised/corrected return, in their screen and makes it difficult for them to file proper returns for the subsequent period. 1045
RETURN DGS Comments: After R&C, the returns can be seen under RET>Reviewed Returns module. 1045
RETURN 4.   The offline utility is not working in all the software versions. Moreover, while entering the returns in ACES the online link often goes off. Hence filing of return gets disrupted. 1046
RETURN DGS Comments: ACES offline utility is designed in such a way that it needs certain system requirements, without complying, it will not run. 1046
RETURN 5.   The duty calculation has to be done manually and fed into the system. It is not automatically calculated as it was in the case of E-Filing. 1047
RETURN DGS Comments: In-built calculator facility is not available in ACES. This is a new requirement, which will be taken up with Wipro. 1047
RETURN 7.   The software does not have the option to update the details like rate of duty, notification no. etc. Hence it shows errors in rate of duty etc. even if there is no such error. 1049
RETURN DGS Comments: Masters like Notification, CETH etc are centrally maintained and updated regularly on time.  1049
RETURN 8.    As per notification no. 05/2010 CE (NT) dt. 27-02-10 the SSI units are allowed to pay the duty by 6th of the month following the quarter, whereas ACES program recognises only payment in respect of the said units, which was the practice prior to the issue of the above said Notification. 1050
RETURN DGS Comments: The proposal for necessary amendment of software has already been made and the same is under process. 1050
RETURN 9.    Closing balance of a particular month in CENVAT credit abstract should automatically be reflected as the opening balance for the next month, this function is absent in ACES. Further, even if the opening balance is fed manually based on the closing balance of the previous month, the programme shows it as an error, similar is the situation is respect of PLA abstract also. 1051
RETURN DGS Comments: Assessee has to enter OB as return is a self assessed  document, and system should prompt him to enter values. Regarding mismatch in OB/CB it is advised that the R&C of the all pending returns to be completed to avoid such errors in future returns. 1051
RETURN 10.    The ACES also does not accept the source document (PLA/CENVAT Sl. No.) entered by the assessee as a valid one. Provisions should be made to inform various source documents so that appropriate document details can be entered. 1052
RETURN  DGS Comments: Documents generated through ACES alone can be considered as source documents.  In all other cases like (PLA sl.no, Cenvat Sl No) , the error will be thrown by the system, which has to be verified by the RO during R&C. 1052
RETURN 12.  In the dealer returns the data relating to invoices have to be fed individually and consumes a lot of time. A provision should be made to download the software meant for submission of abstract of invoices. 1054
RETURN DGS Comments: ACES software is as per the notified proforma. Hence,  invoice-wise entry is a must to maintain uniformity. 1054
RETURN 13.  Rectifying a wrong entry made inadvertently becomes a tedious process once the data is submitted. 1055
RETURN  DGS Comments: Assessees /Department officers have to be educated properly to avoid any mistakes.  Commissionerates should take active steps to conduct Workshops/Seminars within their Commissionerates to achieve this. 1055
RETURN 14.  It was reported by dealers that while filing the return the name of the supplier details gets swapped in the system and as a result they are not in the order in which they have entered. 1056
RETURN  DGS Comments: Specific instances may be brought to the notice of ACES Service Desk via email . 1056
RETURN 1)                 Issue:  Currently, the rate of duty columns both Adv and Specific allow upto 2 decimals.  However, the rate of automobile cess is 0.125%.  When this rate is entered, the system rounds it off to 0.13. 1059
RETURN   Suggestion:  Rate of duty columns (both Adv and Specific) in all returns should be increased to 3 decimal places.  1059
RETURN DGS Comments: The point has already taken up with the Change Committee. The same will be  implemented by Wipro 1059
RETURN 2)                 Issue:  The notified excise return does not have a row to capture the suo moto credit being taken in account current by the car manufactures – in case of their cars are registered as taxi subsequent to their clearance (notn. 6/2006).  Currently, taxpayers are including this credit in the row meant for TR-6/GAR7 challan payment made in the month.  1060
RETURN   Suggestion:  A separate row may be provided for this purpose for entering the data by taxpayers.    1060
RETURN DGS Comments: The issue has to be taken up with Change Committee. The proforma notified by the Board does not contain this field. Hence, the Board will be addressed for modifying the proforma  to be implemented in ACES later. 1060
RETURN 5).  Issue:  No provision to enter the 12bb clearance:   1061
RETURN Large Taxpayer Units have the facility to remove the goods manufactured at one factory to another without payment of duty under Rule 12BB of Central Excise Rules.  As per the instructions for filling the  prescribed ER-1, these clearances are to be shown separately under “12 bb clearances”.  In sermon such clearances can be shown separately as a category of clearance “Inter-Unit” (Qty cleared Type) as available in the software..  However in ACES “Export under Bond” only is available.  Non-availability of same in  “Details of manufacture and clearances” block forces the taxpayers to quote wrong notifications, rates and duty payable. This results in lack of proper data on such clearances on one hand and erroneous data in ER returns on the other.  1061
RETURN   Suggestion:  A check box for “Inter-unit clearances under 12bb” is required to be made available in “Details of manufacture and clearances” block, in respect of taxpayers of LTUs.  On checking this box, non-tariff notification and the duty payable section shall be made non-enterable as in the case of, when “export under bond” is select. 1061
RETURN DGS Comments: Suggestion is taken up with WIPRO and is under process of deveopment. 1061
RETURN 6). Issue :  Error Code RC005:  “There are calculation errors in the duty payable amount” 1062
RETURN In ACES, this error message is displayed, even for a small difference due to rounding off. Repeated appearance of this message has resulted in taxpayers and officers not giving due significance to the error messages which in turn may lead to genuine mistakes being overlooked. 1062
RETURN Suggestion:  A small tolerance band/margin (+50 to -50) between the calculated duty payable and payable for each duty head may  be allowed in such cases of rounding off. 1062
RETURN DGS Comments: The point has already taken up with the Change Committee. The same will be  implemented by Wipro  1062
RETURN 7).   Issue:   Error Code RC004 – “The tariff notification number/serial number of the notification you have entered does not exist in the database”. 1063
RETURN Currently, the tariff notification number should be given in the format of “NNN/YYYY C.E.” and non-tariff notification to be in the format “NNN/YYYY CE(NT)”.  This varies from the practice followed by the taxpayers in SERMON wherein they are to give notification in “NNN/YYYY” format for both tariff and non-tariff notification.  In most cases, though the notifications entered are correct, the non-suffixing of “C.E.” and “CE(NT)” has resulted in marking the return for review.   1063
RETURN Suggestion:  The mandatory suffixing of “C.E.” for tariff notification and “CE(NT)” for non-tariff notification should be removed.  If they are required for verification with the database, then the same can be affixed by the system depending on where the notification is entered, as columns are clearly marked as “tariff notification” and “non-tariff notification”.   1063
RETURN DGS Comments : The point has already taken up with the Change Committee. The same will be  implemented by Wipro  1063
RETURN 8).   Issue :  Currently there is no facility to view the availability of Challans in  ACES Central Excise database.  This facility is available in Service Tax  1064
RETURN ACLàMastersàTR6 Challan àView.  1064
RETURN   Suggestion:   The same facility may be extended to excise also. 1064
RETURN DGS Comments: It is an activity under ACL>Masters.  This can be enabled by the Com-Admin. 1064
RETURN 9). Issue :  In the off line utility there is not tool tip on the format of “Provisional Assessment Number”. (“Duty payable for Clearance” block). 1065
RETURN Suggestion :  A tool tip may be provided on the format of Provisional Assessment Number. 1065
RETURN  DGS Comments : Suggestion will be examined by the DGS, Delhi and taken up with WIPRO. 1065
RETURN 10).  Issue :  The drop down provided in the “Details of other payments made-Interest” does not include Section 11 AA and Section 11AB. 1066
RETURN Suggestion :  The drop down to include Section 11 AA and 11AB in both online and offline form. 1066
RETURN DGS Comments: the section 11AA, prescribes rate of interest on delayed (3 months from the date of order) payment of demand confirmed under section 11A(2), applicable to prior Finance Act 2001 Cases. While 11AB, prescribes rate if interest, for payment of demand confirmed/ascertained under section 11A(2), and 11A(2B) cases, from the succeeding month of their due, applicable to post Finance Act 2001, cases. As the drop down provided, for interest payment, against, substantive sections of 11A,11A(2B),11D and rule 8, there appears no need to capture the measurement provisions. 1066
RETURN 11). Issue : In the “Self Assessment Memorandum” block’s if any special character in found in the “Transfer Challan S.No From” and “Transfer challan S.No To” columns the return is rejected by the system. Whereas the same characters are allowed in the “Invoice S.No. From” and “Invoice S.no. To” of the same block. 1067
RETURN Suggestion : Special characters should be allowed in  “Transfer Challan S.No From” and “Transfer challan S.No To” columns.   1067
RETURN DGS Comments: This Issue as been taken up with Wipro. The provision will be made  soon.  1067
RETURN 12). Issue :  In the details of duty paid section, the taxpayers can enter only one GR7 Challan No. and BSR Code.  Could not enter multiple challan details. 1068
RETURN Suggestion: As multiple / piecemeal deposits are made in central excise, the provision to enter more than one challan may be considered.  Otherwise, these column may be removed from the block. 1068
RETURN DGS Comments: The point has already taken up with the Change Committee. The same will be  implemented by Wipro  1068
RETURN 20).  Issue : In the Dealer Return the Registration No. is Mandatory in ACES while filling the data in “Documents on which Credit is Passed on” even for  Bill of Entries of Importers. To overcome this, the dealers are entering their own registration no. to proceed further.  1076
RETURN Suggestion : If the Column Value for “Issued by” is selected as “Importer”, the Registration no. can be a non-mandatory field. 1076
RETURN DGS Comments: Suggestion is accepted.  There is an alternative Suggestion given by Nasik Commissionerate. According to them, at the time of data entry, there should not be any validations in the ‘Supplier’s RC’ field.  However, the validation result should be shown to the RO, so that appropriate action can be initiated by them.  If feasible, the same will be incorporated. 1076
RETURN 21).  Issue : Some of the Dealers have requested for correction of their data entered incorrectly entered while filing the Dealer Return. Currently there is no provision to rectify the inadvertent mistakes noticed in the dealer return either by the dealer or by the departmental officer.  1077
RETURN Suggestion :  A provision may be made available to rectification of such mistakes in the Dealer return.  1077
RETURN DGS Comments: The suggestion is accepted. The same will be taken up with the Board. 1077
RETURN 23. There is no provision in ST-3 to reduce the opening balance by the amount refunded by the department for the unutilized cenvat  credit  to the Taxpayer/Assessee. 1079
RETURN DGS Comments:  There is no provision in the notified ST3 forms for accounting such debits. The same will be taken up with the Board. 1079
RETURN 24. Some of the service taxpayers of LTU Chennai have reported that despite entering the correct challan details in “4A(II) – Details of challan section (vide which Service Tax, Education Cess and Secondary and Higher Education Cess and other amounts paid in cash)” , the systems displays an error message that the “ challan number entered by the user does not exist ”. 1080
RETURN  Some specific instances are given below:  1080
RETURN Challan Identification Number (CIN) : 00053470506201001905 for payment of Rs. 15,26,047   1080
RETURN 0053470506201001990 for Rs. 69661 and  00053470506201001815 for Rs. 31771  1080
RETURN Name of the taxpayer: M/s. Ashok Leyland Limited  1080
RETURN Registration no. AAACA4651LST012   1080
RETURN These challans have been verified with NSDL site’s challan status enquiry à CIN based view and found matched.  1080
RETURN However, these challan are missing in ACES.  (viewed using ACL à Masters à TR6-challan à view).   As these challan are not available in ACES database, the above error message appears to have been displayed.  It is not known why these challan are missing in ACES database. 1080
RETURN DGS Comments: Suggestion Accepted. This will be taken up with WIPRO after examination. 1080
RETURN 2.                  M/s. Chemfab Alkalies needs to file Dealer Return. The importer code given in the form is not accepted by system and displays message that PAN format number is validated. The user cannot move to the next function. 1084
RETURN DGS Comments: Suggestion is accepted.  There is an alternative Suggestion given by Nasik Commissionerate. According to them, at the time of data entry, there should not be any validations in the ‘Supplier’s RC’ field.  However, the validation result should be shown to the RO, so that appropriate action can be initiated by them.  If feasible, the same will be incorporated. 1084
RETURN 16.  Further status / workflow of the ER returns, after the R&C workflow between RO and AC is completed, is not explained in any workflow help; it is not known how ‘risky return’ is identified and to whom the workflow will flow for such risky returns. 1098
RETURN DGS Comments: There is no workflow after R & C approval. The ‘clean returns’ and the R&C completed returns would be categorized on the basis of risk parameters and displayed on the screen of JC/ADC.  However, this portion is yet to be made functional under ACES. 1098
RETURN 17.  The R&C for ER returns shows up a lot of error messages and most of them were found to be not relevant when the same check was exercised on the manual copy of the ER. 1099
RETURN DGS Comments: The System cannot identify the relevant/irrelevant error messages.  The assesses may be educated to take more precaution in filling up those fields which are validated.  Steps are already initiated to identify those insignificant errors in order to reduce the no of R&C cases. 1099
RETURN 18.  Message that “Challan quoted does not exist in the database” appears when payment was made after 6th through GAR-7. Belated payments are not tracked by ACES (Range II-B) 1100
RETURN DGS Comments: Payments made after 6th need not be shown in the Return of that month.  It will be sufficient if the payment is shown in the next month’s return. A uniform practice has to be followed in all the Commissionerates. 1100
RETURN 19.  ER Return cannot move to next event after entering details of Challan No, Date, BSR code (CIN) in some cases. (Range II-B) 1101
RETURN DGS Comments: Issue is not clear. Specific cases where this problem was faced may be brought to the notice of DGS for analysis. 1101
RETURN 20.  Suggestions have been received as follows: In ER returns, Other payments shown in PLA/Cenvat Abstract may be tallied with Other Payments Block.  1102
RETURN DGS Comments: Presently, the system makes the above check. 1102
RETURN 21.  In a few cases, it is learnt that even though the assessee has got the acknowledgement of submission of the online ER Return, yet the ER document (missing?) can not be seen by the Range Supdt. who has been assigned with the proper role for his jurisdiction. E.g. M/s. Kathirvelan Plastics , SSI unit has already entered the ER3 returnss for period from 4/10 to 6/10 (Range II_A) 1103
RETURN DGS Comments: The issue may be logged in ACES service desk and the ticket no may be intimated to DGS for monitoring. 1103
RETURN 22.  M/s. Surya Corporation (AFKPS0665NXD001), a Dealer reported inability to file offline Dealer return after converting to xml format, since system said “File structure not valid” and despite reporting to Service Desk, no response came since 4th August.  1104
RETURN DGS Comments: It was reported by Service Desk that the error was due to wrong entering of figures by the assessee and that the same was conveyed to the assessee over phone. 1104
RETURN 3. For some assessees (who have registered as service provider/receiver) while filing the return ST-3, column 6 is getting displayed after column 1 and 2. This should happen only if the assessee is an Input service distributor. Returns filed using the offline utility are rejected with the error message  1110
RETURN  “ you cannot file return as service provider as assessee is not a service provider”. 1110
RETURN (M/s. M/s. Shin Thermo Dynamic Engineering private Ltd, Registration No.AAGCS5458PST001, Pon Pure Chem (P), Registration No. AACCP3020EST001 Ltd and Dr. Vijay Viswanathan, Registration No.AABPV0235HST001) 1110
RETURN DGS Comments: The assessee should ensure that under ST1, Category of Registration is entered properly .  This can be viewed under REG>View ST1 . If required, amendment request has to filed to change the category of Registration.  A detailed report after confirming the above details may be sent by the Commissionerate.  1110

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