Aces: Access & Privileges

Module Name Problem / Issue Reported SOLUTION No.
ACL 4.Issue:When contacted the Toll Free Number for application oriented  problems, the persons in-charge  of  Toll Free Number are either not picking up the telephone or not responding effectively  1004
ACL DGS Comments: Average No of calls received (attended) per day is around 350. This is in addition to 100 emails per day. Since Service Desk has limited resources (10 technical personnels) many calls go unattended. Proposal for increasing the no of lines/persons is already sent and under consideration by Headquarters. 1004
ACL 5. Issue:Apart  from the above application oriented problem the following problems  are faced by this office. 1005
ACL 1.The dealers are facing difficulties in even getting logged in to the system.  The ACES help desk is not helpful to them and they feel that there should be facilitation centres to assist them. 1012
ACL DGS Comments: Commissionerates can set up facilitation centres like the one in Chennai Service Tax Commissionerate.  1012
ACL 2.There has been an increased requisition from the dealers for providing the Password details and in most of the cases, it takes 2 to 3 days for receipt of e-mails containing the password details by the dealers.  In some cases, the dealers never receive the mails and after obtaining alternate e-mail IDs, the passwords are re-generated and sent.  There is no provision for incorporating alternate e-mail IDs of the dealers.   1017
ACL DGS Comments: It is felt that the available facilities for changing the email address and regenerating the password  are adequate. 1017
ACL 1.     Inspectors may be given role in the ACES workflow.  To start with they may also be assigned the work of change email id, status management of assessee under ACL module. 1033
ACL DGS Comments : The suggestion to include inspectors in the workflow of ACES is under study.  1033
ACL 1.               ACES application logs out automatically within a short time if left idle. It should   logout automatically  only when the idle  time is  atleast 15 minutes. 1035
ACL DGS Comments: This issue may be taken up with SI help desk. 1035
ACL 5.      Mails received from the Service Desk to Comm-Admn’s box; this relates to posting of a claim or amendment of a Regn. From this message it could not be deciphered who is the assessee or where he is located, except for the understanding from the marking of the mails to the known name of the concerned officer. This message may include C/D/R details or can be replaced with reflection in the dashboard of the Comm-Admin.  1087
ACL DGS Comments: Suggestion already been taken up with WIPRO. 1087
ACL 6.      As there is no role for Supdts. and Insprs., in the Division and Hqrs.Office, the Thin Clients and other LAN components (80%) are in idle mode for months together and is there any maintenance issues to be taken up ? 1088
ACL DGS Comments: The Resident Engineer is supposed to take care of the Thin Clients/Printers installed under the LAN Project. Hence, the issue may be taken up with the Resident Engineer and LAN/WAN team of DGS Hqrs. ,New Delhi. 1088
ACL 7.      It appears that it is possible to log in with the same SSO-ID simultaneously from two Thin Clients. Is this facility available provided to Comm-Admin or all other users? If so, is this a safe feature? 1089
ACL DGS Comments: This issue has been taken up with SI team and the same is being dealt with on Top Priority basis. 1089
ACL 8.      Knowledge of history of the mail correspondence between the ServiceDesk or HQAdmin and the Comm.Admin are presently limited to these desks only, as it is exchanged over the personal e-mail id of Icegate or other mail id. Whenever a new Comm-Admin replaces, he may not have access to the old correspondence and the experience of the previous Comm-Admin cannot be transferred to the new one. 1090
ACL DGS Comments: The com-admins are advised to take hard copies of important mails and maintain a separate dossier to be handed over to his successor. 1090
ACL 2. At times passwords have to be regenerated 4 or 5 times to enable the assessee to receive the   username/tpin and password.  Some assessees get the following message   after logging in into the application using the tpin & password “not a migrated user”. 1109
ACL DGS Comments: Specific cases may be brought to the notice of ACES service Desk.  Possible causes for this error could be (i) clicking on ‘Do not Disturb’ link in the tpin mail (ii) Having user name less than 6 digits (iii) Having special character other than ‘under_score’.   1109
ACL 4.  On logging into the webmail.icegate.gov.in the following message appears  1111
ACL “there is a problem with this website’s security certificate”.  1111
ACL “continue to this website (not recommended)” 1111
ACL On clicking the above, the website asks the user to identify himself again and again 1111
ACL   “please identify yourself”  1111
ACL User has to furnish the username and password repeatedly to access the inbox. Even after furnishing the username repeatedly it takes lot of time to actually access the inbox. 1111
ACL DGS comments: The help of local HP engineers may be requested, as they can resolve the issue. 1111

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