Mandatory Transaction in ACES !!

It is too good and too surprising that CBEC is making transacting in ACES mandatory for both Dept. officers and the Assessees w.e.f. 1st Oct-2011.

A new time chapter is unfolding in the era of CBEC. So, the CBEC required nearly two years to stabilise all the apps. before they are mandatorily put to use. In a time of so many quoting (non-departmental) like "Too few, Too late", our elation is "So late, So Good".

Even now, the required stabilisation is not ripe, though eagerly awaited by all the interested. One thing that would depress the users is the non-availability of MIS reports for the Commissioners. If this is not made available, people will be spending too much time in office, with the existing workload, aggravated by the necessity to work in two modes - offline in conventional and online in ACES - and yet prepare reports, reports, and reports, nothing else, ultimately not in a position use or act on the manually created reports. If manual reporting (statistics, BI) is not aborted, working in Aces applications makes no difference except adding to more workload.

CBEC must make it clear whether it wants old data  i.e. inputs to be put into, not migrated (because no data exists except in .doc or .xls,), for all the existing SCN's or Audit Findings/Paras or Prov. Assessments. If some arrangement is done to capture all the pending transactions available in offline mode, to Aces database under different modules, it would very much lead for better administration irrespective of whether GST regime is arising or not. With the implication waiting to happen when the anticipated re-structuring takes place (which might open up more Divisions or Commissionerates or Directorates), marking of untracked SCN's or Audit paras or other such potential events of revenue generation for the Dept., will be easier if every SCN, every detection of AE cases, every Audit para is accounted for in the Aces ahead of all the tamasha associated with re-structuring.  (To Continue...) 

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