Performing scrutiny of Return purely on screen, without assistance of printed version ?

15th August-2013 ::
The Departmental Officers, viz. the Range Superintendents are said to be highly uncomfortable during the functioning of review & correction of Returns as given below; 
If this is true, officers who read this post, please reply as comments for points below or send mail to me:

1. Are the assesses producing the paper copy of Returns filed in ACES, for the purpose of clarifications raised by Range office on the 'Error Messages' thrown by the System in ACES after assessee filed the Return with errors ? 

2. Are the officers who perform the scrutiny, able to mentally co-relate one field/table in a single screen of Return page with the other field/table in the next screen of the same Return document, (after the first screen is replaced by next screen during navigation through mouse) for verification of correctness of data ? Is such comparison and verification of data within a single Return being done with the assistance of the printed version of the Return? 

3. If so,  are the officers, for the purpose of scrutiny, making a print-out of every Return from the printers supplied under ACES project ? or is it obtained from the assessee ? 

4. If own print-out is taken as per above question, how many Returns are printed every month and is the cartridge supplied to them officially ? 

5. In the absence of Digital Signature Certification (not issued to assesses regd. in ACES), how the authentication of filing of Returns (without authorized signatory’s signature) is ensured ?

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