What is 'Change Request' in terms of Computerisation in general ?

What is 'Change Request' in terms of Computerisation ?
Following dialog between the vendor and the customer points to Change Request :
"So far what you paid us has been adjusted against what we had completed... Suppose if you want more work, you have to pay extra... We are not responsible if there was no output already for the money given by you...because we have done what you wanted...What you now want will take another 50 days to implement..."
Thus 'Change Request' is the trump card for IT vendors for making money (like baiting the running horse by showing on and off a basket of gram/oats, by seating oneself on the horse back, so that the horse keeps running under the false faith that it can catch the basket if it runs faster!)
So change request is a passport for extending the promised time from 50 days to 500 days in realtime and the money to be spent will multiply accordingly.

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